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Utopia Community

Why choose Utopia?


Utopia is derived from the word „utopia“ meaning an place in which everything is perfect. We want to make the world a place worth living in for everyone. That’s why we named this company Utopia. We’ve seen what people are capable of when they stick together. The key event that finally brought us to idea was the Community of “Wallstreet bets”. These have done incredible things to the stock market by sticking together. This has made us realize that if we can create a strong community, together we can truly change the world into something great. Together we can make it! That’s why we thought about how we can build such a community and what vision we want to stand behind. We have come up with 5 basic pillars which should form the basis of Utopia. We the developer Team are just creating the platform, but the community decides what social projects will be funded!

The goal of the Utopia Community is to establish a
globally represented community, that supports diverse
projects and helps each other.


Utopia’s goal is to become the biggest cryptocurrency with
global reach for environmental and social projects.


Our mission is to make the world a much better place worth
living in for everyone, whether humans or animals.

Our Token

What is the Utopia Community Token?

The Token is the heart of the Utopia Community. The Token enables the realisation of sustainable projects, the receipt of benefits and the support of people worldwide.


A big important aspect is the support of existing, but also the creation of new aid projects by the community. Examples include food deliveries to crisis areas or educational projects in Third World countries. There are no limits to the imagination of the Community.


Our biggest aspect is the support of environmental protection projects, because the planet of earth is our only home, we are responsible for it. Thus environmental protection is a priority in our community. This is a point in our project platform where the community can make decisions what projects they want to launch and support. For example, buying up large areas of the primeval forest so that it can no longer be cleared. Or, for example, projects that fish plastic waste out of our seas. The community decides!


Benefit Program

An important part of the Utopia Community is the Benefit Program. Through cooperations with various partners, Utopia Community members can benefit from exclusive discounts on products or services. The amount of the discounts is determined by the number of tokens held by the individual community members. The more tokens each community member holds, the better discounts they will receive and the better incentives they can paricipate in.

Donations within they

Another aspect of the community is the internal donation and help platform, where members can help each other within the community. Should a member, for whatever reason, find themselves in dire financial straits or have other problems, they have the possibility to ask the community for help via the platform.


Rights within
the Community

A prerequisite for membership in the community is to keep tokens in the Utopia Wallet. Depending on the amount of tokens held, certain functions are activated. If you withdraw tokens over time, the rights are either restricted if there are insufficient numbers within the community, or if there are fewer than 50 tokens, the profile is frozen until you have enough token coverage in the wallet. This serves to preserve the value of the cryptocurrency. This is the best way we have enough capital to make our projects real.

Membership NON
TOKENS NEEDED 0 500 2500 10000 25000 100000

Donations for aid projects and
environmental protection

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Membership in the Community

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Creation of a social media profile

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Use of the Community´s internal
donation platform

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Writing in the forum

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Voting rights on community projects

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10000 Token are the minimum to
participate in the benefit program.
The more tokens you have, the better
benefits you get

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Publication of own project proposals

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Veto Law in the implementation of
environmental protection and aid
projects (e.g. which company is
ultimately to be hired to carry out to
build the school in Tanzania).

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Token Offering

In order to make UWCT token distribution
process more efficient, the UWCT price will
now be linked to USD:

1 UWCT = 0.01 USD

Token Symbol UWCT
Token available for UWCT 100 000 000 000 UWCT
Token Price 0,01 USD
Soft Cap 500 000 USD
Accepted Currencies EUR, USD, BTC, ETH, TETHER

Token distribution

  • Team
  • IEO
  • Marketing
  • Public Sale


Amount in Tokens Fee
0 - 999.999 0,01%
1.000.000 – 9.999.999 0,005%
10.000.000 – 99.999.999 0,0025%
100.000.000 and more 0,001%

The tokens gained through the fees
will be used for:


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Stage 1

  • Birth of the Utopia idea
  • Team formation
  • Prototype of the 1. website
  • Foundation of the Utopia Community GbR
  • Merchstore

Stage 2

  • Win first Cooperations
  • Building the Network
  • Publishing the current website
  • First marketing with Airdrop, evaluation and distribution
  • Completion of Businessplan and Whitepaper

Stage 3

  • Network building
  • Cooperation with Ministry of Environment
  • Preparation accelerator phase
  • Cooperations for future marketing campaigns
  • Market Research

Stage 4

  • Pre-Seed Round
  • Start programming project platform
  • Expansion to further chains
  • Entering into deals with exchanges for Token listing
  • Preperation IEO
  • Preparation Marketing Campaign

Stage 5

  • Start of accelerator phase
  • Seed Round
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Expansion of the network
  • Launchpad Presale
  • Prototype of the project platform
  • Building benefit cooperations

Stage 6

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Launch of our project platform
  • IEO & Listening of the Token
  • Start of the benefit program
  • Activation of all functions of our platform
  • Work on public relations

Stage 7

  • Expansion of the Utopia ecosystem
  • Creation of own Utopia Blockchain
  • Establishment of Utopia educational programme
  • Utopia Community Center
  • Expanding the social ecosystem
  • Expanding Network
  • Work on public relations

for Planet

Environment Protection

Through numerous projects in the field of environmental protection, we help to protect nature and stop climate change.


By carrying out social projects and making them sustainable. We give humanity a better quality of life.


Our goal is to protect the environment sustainably and ensure that it is not degraded beyond its capacity to recover.

for Buyers

Community cohesion

Benefit from a strong community that helps and supports each other.

Asset investment

The Utopia Community Token not only benefits the environment and humanity, but is also a future-oriented investment.

Right to have a say

We highly value your opinion! Vote for the projects that you believe in and are the most meaningful.


Meet a Crew of Professionals

Philipp Hauschke
  • Philipp Hauschke
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • LinkedIn
Chris Lemkemeier
  • Chris Lemkemeier
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • LinkedIn
Michel Büdenbender
  • Michel Büdenbender
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • LinkedIn
Pascal Daniel
  • Pascal Daniel
  • Chief Technology Officer &
    Web Developer
  • LinkedIn
Juri Grenz
  • Jury Grenz
  • Marketing & Project Coodination
  • LinkedIn
Burak Basci
  • Burak Basci
  • Software Developer
  • LinkedIn
Emmy Pfeiffer
  • Emmy Pfeiffer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • LinkedIn
Jeremy Lemkemeier
  • Jeremy Lemkemeier
  • Designer
  • Linkedin


Lubna Dajani
  • Lubna Dajani
  • Finance, Global, Network & Marketing
  • LinkedIn
Anoup Treon
  • Anoup Treon
  • Finance & Global Network
  • LinkedIn
Maya Kannan
  • Maya Kannan
  • Deeptech Strategist, Advisor & Mentor
  • Linkedin


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