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Our Token
What is the Utopia Community Token?
The Utopia Community Token is based on the Tron Blockchain and is the basis of the Utopia Community. The token will be used to finance democratically elected social projects around the world. With the token, the community members can also help each other.

Environmental Protection

Our biggest aspect is the support of environmental protection projects, because the planet of earth is our only home, we are responsible for it. Thus environmental protection is a priority in our community. This is a point in our project platform where the community can make decisions what projects they want to launch and support. For example, buying up large areas of the primeval forest so that it can no longer be cleared. Or, for example, projects that fish plastic waste out of our seas. The community decides!


A big important aspect is the support of existing, but also the creation of new aid projects by the community. Examples include food deliveries to crisis areas or educational projects in Third World countries. There are no limits to the imagination of the Community.

Donations within the community

Another aspect of the community is the internal donation and help platform, where members can help each other within the community. Should a member, for whatever reason, find themselves in dire financial straits or have other problems, they have the possibility to ask the community for help via the platform.

Real Estates

The third pillar is on the one hand the acquisition of land for nature conservation purposes. The community can decide for itself what it wants to purchase for the preservation of nature. For example parts of the rainforest for the purpose of preserving the rainforest.The acquired land can be visited and assessed by the community members.

On the other hand land will be also acquired for paradisaical resorts for leisure purposes, where community members can go on an all-inclusive holiday at special rates, based on our principles, of course.
We do this to thank our community members. They help us make the world a more beautiful place and a better place to live.
The prerequisite for participating in the resort program is that you have enough token coverage in the registered community wallet.